Friday, January 14, 2011

Hatcher Garden and Woodland Preserve - Frozen Edition

Today Jenna and I ventured out in the still iced-over Spartanburg area to stretch our legs and get out of the house. She has been off school all week long due to the snow and ice and we were both antsy to get out! The fresh air was sure to do us some good! Our first destination was in bad shape. The parking area was a complete sheet of ice, and since I am sans 4x4 I didn't feel like getting stuck in a parking lot! So, I quickly put together plan B, and so we headed to Hatcher Garden and Woodland Preserve.
We have been to Hatcher a number of times over the years, and it is beautiful in the summer and spring. Today was fun as the place really looks different without the greenery, is still beautiful, but also extremely quiet. Hatcher is found

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Blazing of the Cottonwood Trail

Today Jenna and I braved the colder temps here in Spartanburg (30, feels like 25 with N 5mpg wind) and went to the Cottonwood Trail Preserve, which is part of the Spartanburg Area Conservancy.  The Cottonwood trail encompasses a 115 acre urban preserve and trail system.  The trail is just minutes from downtown Spartanburg.  The trail features wetlands, open pasture, animal habitats and many species of trees labeled for the naturist.  The trails are wide which accommodates the other trail blazers and runners you will encounter during this trek.  The trail includes an observation deck and 550 ft. boardwalk.  This trail has been maintained and improved upon by efforts from groups such as the local Boy Scouts who work on projects such as footbridges, bird and bat houses, and benches, allowing 16 boys to achieve their Eagle rank. 

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Adrenaline Dump

Today was a big day.  I had worked myself into a great amount of stress.  My heart was racing, my breathing was fast and I quickly scribbled drug calculations as fast as I could.  I was having a hard time slowing down and concentrating.  Why all the hub-bub?  Well, today was my drug calculations test for the 4th semester of my nursing program.  We are required to achieve 100% each semester in order to matriculate to the next semester, and we are given two opportunities.  If we don't pass, we sit out an entire semester!

While getting ready to head to the college to take my test, I thought that I might enjoy a few minutes of trail-blazing after my test to burn off the adrenaline I was sure to build up during the test, whether I passed or not!  I am happy to report that I did pass, and so the walk was sure to be much more enjoyable!  So....

Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Companion Walk - Peters Creek Preserve

Today, I commemorated the new year by taking my Redbone Coonhound named Juneau for a hike.  We live close to a nature preserve called Peters Creek Preserve.  Apparently Peters Creek Preserve is the home of one of the largest communities of the federally endangered dwarf-flowered heartleaf on the I guess I had best avoid stepping on any of those!  In honesty I had been around the trail a few years ago, but I had never really taken the time to hike it.  So, I put on my gear (raining today), and gathered Juneau and headed out.