Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Swimming 101

Well, Jenna seems to be the most active lately out of our family!  I have been so busy with school, and Robin with work that we haven't be able to hit any trails lately.  We have made a good effort to keep Jenna busy and learning new things and engaging her interest in various activities.  We have hopes to someday this summer to give our hand at kayaking, and before we head down that path to adventure, we need to get Jenna swimming!

So, we entered Jenna into swimming lessons at the YMCA, and she is really loving it!  She goes twice a week for 45 minute sessions.  It is structured into tiers, so when she completes this level of swimming, she can then enter into another class to advance her swimming skills further. 

She is always so eager to learn new things, and she is so independent when she is in this kind of group setting.  We are so proud of her, and her willingness to grow and learn.  We are really and truly blessed as parents!


  1. It looks like she is having fun! :) I'm glad she isn't afraid of the water!

  2. Wish I could swim, Jenna will be swimming like a fish soon...Mom