Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Kick'n it

Since this adventure to a healthier and more enjoyable life includes our entire family, we have enrolled Jenna in some extra curricular activities to get her more active.  If we can get her into a mindset of being active, then hopefully she will be an active adolescent and then an active adult.  So, the first of her many upcoming activities was soccer!

We enrolled Jenna into an introduction soccer clinic, which will then lead up to the option to join a league.  The idea behind the clinic is to introduce her to the basics of soccer, and the concept of teamwork.  The end result is that Jenna absolutely loved it!  She made a friend right when we got there and we had some time to talk with some other parents, and enjoyed the adult chit-chat time.

Jenna can't wait until the next clinic!  Coming soon...swimming lessons and an acting clinic!  Stay tuned!

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