Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sling'n Lead

Not really fitness related, however I do relate this activity to stress relief and it still works towards the goal of getting out of the house and enjoying the outdoors.  So, today I headed out for a range trip to get some time under my belt with my guns.  No point in owning firearms if you aren't comfortable using them!

So, I called Lance to see if he wanted to head out with me, and he agreed so we headed towards the Chesnee American Legion firing range.  To our disappointment they were working on the legion and the firing range so we had to go towards plan B. 

We ended up at the Gaffney, SC range.  It looked fairly busy but it wasn't, the range officer just had a few older gents' shooting the breeze with him in the RO shack.  Lance took our place at the pistol bench as I chatted with the RO for a minute about firing a few rounds with my early birthday present, a Mossberg 500 12 gauge.  After receiving permission to shoot it on the pistol range we set up a target on a barrel at about 30 ft.  I took aim, and peppered the paper with #7 steel shot.  Whew, that Mossy has a kick!  It destroyed the clothes pins that was holding it in place, so I put a new target up, used some of the torn-up chicken wire wrapped around the barrel to hold the target in place (didn't want to waste any more clothes pins).  We decided to move the barrel closer, and brought it up to about 15 ft.  Aimed, then...WHAM!  It punched a hole in the barrel...so we decided to move to the pistols, and save the barrels from much more abuse.

Lance brought his Springfield XD .40, and I brought my trusty Glock 30 .45, and a Springfield XD 9mm.  An older gentleman joined us at our bench.  He was friendly, yet odd.  He was shooting two revolvers, a .375 and a .22 cal.  He was shooting at 25 yards, and was getting on paper with each shot.  He showed us his targets and said that he didn't want his wife asking for any more alimony payments (insert awkward chuckles from Lance and I). 

We were shortly joined by two other gentleman.  One was a Marine, and since Lance is a Marine as well, they had a few "Oorah's" to share and the shooting continued.  Finishing our shooting experience for the day, I switched to the pistol grip on the Mossy, which I have affectionately named "Boomstick" ala Army of Darkness, and muscled a few more shots down-range...and my wrist could feel it after the 4th shot.  Soooo much fun!  I let guys sharing our bench fire a few rounds with it as well, and we all got few laughs from the experience.

After policing our brass and packing up our gear, we were invited by one of the guys to shoot his AR-15.  It gave Lance the opportunity to acquaint himself to an old friend (used one in the Marines), and gave me my first opportunity to shoot a rifle I have been drooling over for a few years! 

It was a great time out, and the weather was really cooperative today.  I hope to get over to the American Legion range soon to practice some firing drills we can't do from behind the bench, but it was a great day of honing my skills!


  1. You gota love the chance to get out to the range. I need to get the smokepoles out and make some smoke!
    I also have a .44mag blackhawk that needs some attention. I think it gets jealous of the long guns.

  2. Thanks for posting Cory! I love getting out to shoot, and should get out to do it far more often than I do! A .44mag Blackhawk...that sounds like FUN!