Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Upper Chinquapin Greenway

Today Jenna and I finally got out of the house to do some trail blazing.  We hit the Upper Chinquapin Greenway, which is part of the Spartanburg Area Conservancy. The Conservancy consists of 36 acres located on the headwaters of the Chinquapin Creek. The Chinquapin Creek is a tributary stream and was the source of the city of Spartanburg’s first municipal water system in the late 1890’s.  This trail is home of the dwarf heartleaf and a number of other plant species to appreciate during the walk.

At the trial head
It was a beautiful day, getting up to around 55 degrees!  We were able to wear some cooler gear and we packed light for our short trail walk.  We trekked for about an hour total, with an average speed of around 3.5 miles per hour.  As usual, Jenna did very well on the walk and didn't complain at all.  We noted a number of different types of birds, saw raccoon tracks and bird tracks in the sand along the creek.  There were plenty of cool looking trees to admire as well.  We did make note that in the future, we would bring a small trash bag with on our next hike to pick up trash we run across on our way.  It is disappointing to see how much litter there was on this trail.  It gave Jenna and I an opportunity to discuss litter and the importance of maintaining the trails we was a good learning/discussion moment.
We did have to cross a creek during the walk, where again Jenna was adamant to show that her boots were water proof, and sure enough they were!   The trail is well maintained aside from the occasional litter, however there was a good bit of trash seen in the creek.  There are plenty of picnic tables along the way, and benches built by Boy Scouts working towards their Eagle Scout award.  These benches were neat to see as they had scriptures posted on them!

It's nice to see that the weather is warming up here and there, and I can't wait for Spring to hit so we can enjoy the trails more, as long as Jenna and Robin's allergies can stay at a minimum!!  I'd do this trail again while doing some litter clean up and we would like to tackle the blue loop section that we skipped due to time constraints.  Overall, I would recommend this hike...but take a small garbage bag with you and make a difference for the hikers who might come behind you!


  1. That's awesome that you guys offered to clean up the garbage - It bugs me when people throw their trash right beside a nice pond or in trees when you all you have to do is a walk a couple more steps to get to the trash can.

    I have never been on this trail. I like reading about your hiking adventures. Now, I know where we can go if we are around Spartanburg again.

  2. It's a shame people leave behind garbage when they go into lovely areas like this one for their hikes. We seem to have the same problem in some hiking trails and conservation areas in the Toronto and surrounding area. My motto - take with you what you bring in. You won't die if you carry around your own garbage. Great post!

  3. During my latest hike, I ran across an energy bar wrapper. I figured someone must have accidentally dropped it (giving them the benefit of the doubt). About 3 miles down the trail...another wrapper, same brand. At this point I realized this is one of those people who have no reason to be enjoying nature because they obviously don't respect it at all!

    Thanks for the comment!