Friday, April 15, 2011

Getting Lost

  Kristy Thornbrew, 28, of Florence went missing after she went for a short hike in the mountains to watch the sunrise.  She didn't return and was  reported missing shortly after.

After four days of searching using dogs, helicopters and volunteers, a helicopter spotted her on a ledge of the mountain she had hiked.  She survived off leaves, roots and creek water, and was found to be in good condition.  She was transported to a local hospital.

The weather conditions during the nights had deteriorated to some snow flurries, and low temperatures, yet she endured and survived.  This situation brings up a series of questions regarding the safety of hiking.  
Do you take a map and compass with you anytime you hike in an unfamiliar area?

Do you hike alone, and if so, is it wise?

Do you leave a mapped out route behind so rescuers can find you easier if you are hiking alone?

I have started a new poll for the week, which I will post the responses to it next week.  Thornbrew is supposed to give a statement today and I'll update this post with her comments after she has addressed the media.

You can read the entire news story here:

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Hiking Safety Poll Results: Hiking With A Firearm

According to my very non-scientific poll, those who answered the poll questions overwhelmingly favored carrying a firearm while hiking.

The poll question was as follows:
Would you ever legally carry a firearm with you when hiking?
Depends on weather conditions or length of hike