Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Glendale Shoal Mill - Father's Day Adventure

This Father's Day was made very special by spending some time with my daughter Jenna.  Last summer she had gone to Glendale Shoal Mill with friends of ours and went swimming in Lawson's Fork Creek.  So, we packed up a little bit of gear and headed out.  I was honestly surprised at how beautiful it was.  There is a really nice hiking trail in the area, that is not a difficult hike but full of greenery and I am sure if enough time was spent, you could pick out some great wildlife and plant-life that would make it well worth the trip!  I tried to convince Jenna to hike the route with me but she was more interested in swimming than anything else.  We hiked about 1/2 a mile to where she had swung on a rope-swing into the creek, but after inspection of the area she opted out and decided to head back to the dam area to swim. 

The entire area is beautiful, well landscaped in the parking area with great photo opportunities.  The batteries are dead in my good camera so I was forced to snap pictures with my cell phone.  You can just feel the rich history in the area and I look forward to returning with a decent camera and time to shoot areas we didn't get into!

Glendale Shoal Mill was created around 1832 as a cotton factory by Dr. James Bivings.  This mill was one of the largest and most influential cotton mills of South Carolina.  During the Civil War, the mill created cloth and products for the Confederacy.  The mill village consisted of 60 homes, with 400 residents.  By the 1900's the area included a school, 125 students and only one teacher.  The mill was hit hard during the Depression, yet it survived and began to thrive during WWII.  After transferring ownership a number of times, it eventually closed in 1961.  Different plans had been tossed around as to what to do with the empty building, however any plans that were in the works ended on March 21, 2004 when the mill caught on fire and burned down.  Only a few parts of the original structure exists today.
On our way back to the car, we crossed back over the old bridge and there was an older gentleman with a guitar playing music.  He refused money, and said he would play for anyone willing to listen to some old-time music.  He played "You Are My Sunshine" for Jenna, then played a song he wrote about the Glendale Shoal Mill.  It was the perfect way to end our Father's Day adventure!

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  1. Jenna loves her adventures with her dad! You are a great father and these are forever memories. Love you.