Monday, March 26, 2012

Springfield XD Sub Contact 9mm Review

I had been dying to get my hands on a Springfield XD Sub Compact 9mm for years.  I had the opportunity to hold one in my hands years ago when I was looking for my first concealed carry firearm.  Unfortunately at that time funds were too tight and I was too impatient to save for what I really wanted and settled for a Taurus PT 111 Millinium Pro.  I kept that pistol for a year and moved up to a Glock 30 .45 ACP.  Time passed but I still longed to get a Springfield XDSC.

Now, I have the opportunity to review the gun I have been wanting for so long.  It will not be for me ultimately, but for my wife who has decided to take the step to be a concealed weapons permit holder.  So, I took the pistol out to give it a try and make sure that it would work well for my wife (at least that was my excuse!).  I headed to the local range I shoot at often, and slung some lead.

First, the specifications:
3" barrel, steel, melonite, fully supported Ramp
1 13 round compact, 1 -16 round w/ grip extension
3 Dot
5.5-7.7 lb trigger
Black polymer
Slide, forged steel, melonite finish
Length 6.25"
Height 4.75" w/ compact Mag
5.5" w/ extended mag
Weight empty 26 oz w/ compact mag
27 oz w/ extended magazine

I fired 150 rounds downrange, using various ammo manufacturers.  I used:
Monarch 115gr steel cased FMJ 9mm
Blazer 115gr brass FMJ 9mm
Winchester 115gr brass FMJ 9mm

This is a small pistol, very small.  With the compact magazine, my pinky finger does not catch the grip.  I can force it to stay on, but it isn't that comfortable.  Much like my previous Taurus that I owned.  However, when I put on the extended magazine, it fits amazingly comfortable.  If I were to conceal carry this pistol, I would probably leave the extended magazine attached and buy multiple extra extended magazines.  However, in my wife's hands, it fits perfect in with the concealed magazine.  She is 5'2" and has a small frame and small hands.  It is a perfect pistol for her.

My wife has a difficult time chambering a round on most semi-automatic handguns due to spring tension making it difficult to pull the slide.  She just doesn't have the upper arm strength.  We talked about getting her a revolver but we opted for a semi-auto and as hoped, this pistol has a short length of travel for the slide so she is able to muster the strength to pull the slide and lock it in position.  This will also help her if she ever needs to clear the pistol after a jam.  However, I bought this pistol because it isn't supposed to jam.  It has a long history of excellent reviews.

I fired the pistol from multiple distances.  I did quick draw from the hip within 1 yard.  I shot multiple rounds at 7, 10, 15, and a few at 25 yards. I am hitting paper at 25 yards, but not with great accuracy.  I had an excellent group at 10 yards which is a testament to the accuracy of this little gun with a 3" barrel.  All the rounds I fired were from a standing position without the use of a bench rest. It has a 5.5-7.7lb trigger pull, but I feel it has a better trigger pull than my Glock 30 .45 that has a 5lb trigger pull.

Overall, this pistol has lived up to the ideal conceal carry pistol I thought it would be.  I am excited to see my wife carrying this gun with her at some time in the future when she becomes more accustomed to shooting and becomes proficient with this awesome pistol.


  1. Thank you for the review. Currently i carry a Ruger LCP .380 and i am looking to move up to a sub compact 9. I will give the XD a look.

  2. I do not currently have a pistol but am getting the desire to get one and have been worried about getting one too small and having the pinky finger problem you speak of. I like your use of the extended clip to fit your hand. That will be a nice work around and I will have to try one out when my itch gets too bad. Thanks.

  3. Thanks for the comments! Savage, I don't think you can go wrong with the XD! The Diabetic Camper - Yes that extension makes a big difference. If you decide to get a different compact pistol there are extensions you can buy from that might fit your need!


  5. The XD Springfield semi automatic handguns are by far some of the best choices for carry concealed. The price tag is not the main source for my opinion, as you can find cheaper and you can find more expensive, but I find the hype for the more expensive is not founded when you compare the XD line up to any other manufacturer. The XD is accurate, very comfortable and when it comes time to use the handgun, it is going to do what it was intended for and do it very well.

    Although I am not going to really bad mouth other handguns that are in the same size of the XD models, you are not going to gain anything by buying a handgun for a lot more money and find it to be more effective or comfortable to actually carry and shoot. I would pick the XD over all it's competition.

  6. Dgsc
    Ive got four SFA and all of them are great 9,45s, and 40. You can't go wrong with any of there products. The ones Ihave are USA and Croatia.
    Good luck to all and pick ant SFA

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