Monday, April 16, 2012

Skout Trailbar Giveaway

Hurry and enter the giveaway for your chance to win a Skout Trailbar Sampler, including 5 different trailbar flavors!

 To enter follow these easy steps!
1.) "Like" The Misplaced Alaskan's Facebook page here.
(Skip #1 if you already "Like".)
2.) Post on The Misplaced Alaskan's Facebook page, telling readers where you would take your Skout Trailbars to eat!

3.) Share The Misplaced Alaskan's giveaway link on your Facebook page!

Winner to be selected on April 23, 2012!

Using, a random number generator, one winner will be selected based the number of entries.  For example, the first comment will be entry #1, second comment entry #2, etc. 


  1. I'm heading to the Misplaced Alaskan Facebook page now to get in on the giveaway. ;)

  2. I want win and give them to the boys for Camp Greenville. Pick Pick me!

  3. Celeste you crack me up. These would be a good snack for camp. I can't believe its already camp time again!