Sunday, May 27, 2012

Pyramex Safety Shooting Eyewear Giveaway winner is...

The winner of the Pyramex shooting eyewear giveaway is Kurt Conway from Columbus, Ohio!  Congratulations to Kurt who will be receiving a pair of PMX5050 photo-chromatic glasses!

Thanks to everyone who participated!  I am very grateful to Pyramex for sponsoring this giveaway!
The next giveaway will be coming up shortly so check back soon!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Pyramex Safety Shooting Eyewear GIVEAWAY!

Alright, it's time for another great giveaway opportunity!  Pyramex has generously provided The Misplaced Alaskan with a pair of PMX-5050 safety glasses for a giveaway.

You can read about these awesome glasses in my review post here

This is your opportunity to get a pair of these photo-chromatic shooting safety glasses for FREE!

To enter follow these 3 easy steps!
1.) "Like" The Misplaced Alaskan's Facebook page here.
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2.) Post on The Misplaced Alaskan's Facebook page, telling readers what firearm you shoot while wearing these glasses!

3.) Share The Misplaced Alaskan's giveaway link on your Facebook page!

Winner to be selected on May 25, 2012!

Using, a random number generator, one winner will be selected based the number of entries.  For example, the first comment will be entry #1, second comment entry #2, etc.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

All Eyes on Safety

A few months ago I had resolved to enter my first shooting contest, which I blogged about recently.  I wanted to go and compete, not just enter for the fun of it, and I really wanted to do well.  I had broken my safety glasses I would take to the gun range with me, but they were just a pair of cheap $4 off the shelf shooting glasses.  They got me by, but for about a year before they snapped in half.  So I began a search for a new pair of glasses.

 Now, living in South Carolina, one thing I have learned is you must own sunglasses or you will suffer greatly for it because it is so sunny here for so much of the year!  So I figured if I was going to compete in an outdoor venue, then I might as well be prepared for the South Carolina sunshine and take my shooting eye-wear to the next level.

As seen without bright sunlight
I began my search.  I found a company called Pyramex and found the pair of glasses I really wanted to try out.  Pyramex is located in Colliersville, TN, and makes safety products, focusing primarily on protection from the neck up.  All of their products are independently tested and meet the necessary safety
As seen in bright sunlight
requirements.  I contacted Pyramex and asked if they would be willing to send a pair of PMX-5050 safety glasses that I could use for an upcoming competition, which I would also review on my blog.  They were very willing to accommodate my request and shipped out a set immediately! 

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Competition

The Range
The American Legion in Chesnee, SC held their first Top Shot competition recently, and I decided to take upon the challenge and enter my first shooting event.  The contest was set up as a bulls-eye competition with 3 separate stages.

During the first stage, shooters lined up at the 10 yard line.  Each contestant had two magazines loaded with 5 rounds each.  We loaded our firearm with the first 5 round mag, held our pistols at the ready, then we had 45 seconds to shoot 10 rounds.  This meant after 5 rounds, we released our mags, reloaded our next, and continued firing.  We shot at 10, 15, and 25 yards, repeating the 10 rounds at each stage.  At the 15 yard stage, we were given 90 seconds to shoot, and at the 25 yard stage were were allotted 3 minutes.  The targets were replaced at each stage using different size targets for the changes in distance.

Mike Sexton skills demo
Setting out the targets
I brought my new PMX 5050 photochromatic safety glasses to the competition.  They were provided to me by Pyramex a safety equipment supplier, and I offered to review them.  I will be writing a separate review, however I must say that I absolutely love these glasses.  The tint is perfect for shooting!  I also have a pair to giveaway after my review is finished!

After the first round of shooting we waited for the results that would determine who advanced to the finals.  Mike Sexton, a CWP instructor, retired US Marine, and IDPA/tactical pistol and rifle instructor spent 30 minutes reviewing firearm fundamentals that covered grip, weapon handling, movement and stance.  His instruction was very valuable, and I have made a few changes to my shooting based on his recommendations and I have improved my shooting considerably since!

Shooting during the first round
After Mike ended his instruction, the results were posted.  I was very pleased to see that I was in 2nd place after the first round, and would be allowed to enter the championship round.  The top five shooters from the first round advanced.  The championship round was conducted just like the first round, at the 10, 15 and 25 yard stages.  I knew I was performing much better during the championship round and at the end of the 15 yard stage a safety officer approached me from behind and said, "It's yours to lose!"  I agreed, I was doing well, but I knew the 25 yard stage was next and that was the distance I was struggling with most. 

Receiving my 2nd place Medal
At the end of the competition the scores were tallied and the winners were announced.  I ended the competition in 2nd place and lost 1st place by 8 points.  I was extremely pleased with how I performed especially for my first ever competition.  I am now considering competing in IDPA, but first I will probably seek further instruction from Mike Sexton to improve my shooting skills.

I am very grateful to the American Legion for hosting an awesome event that was completely professional, and extremely safe.  I hope they continue these events which promote marksmanship and safe gun handling, and I will be sure to enter the next competition, and hopefully place even better!