Thursday, May 17, 2012

All Eyes on Safety

A few months ago I had resolved to enter my first shooting contest, which I blogged about recently.  I wanted to go and compete, not just enter for the fun of it, and I really wanted to do well.  I had broken my safety glasses I would take to the gun range with me, but they were just a pair of cheap $4 off the shelf shooting glasses.  They got me by, but for about a year before they snapped in half.  So I began a search for a new pair of glasses.

 Now, living in South Carolina, one thing I have learned is you must own sunglasses or you will suffer greatly for it because it is so sunny here for so much of the year!  So I figured if I was going to compete in an outdoor venue, then I might as well be prepared for the South Carolina sunshine and take my shooting eye-wear to the next level.

As seen without bright sunlight
I began my search.  I found a company called Pyramex and found the pair of glasses I really wanted to try out.  Pyramex is located in Colliersville, TN, and makes safety products, focusing primarily on protection from the neck up.  All of their products are independently tested and meet the necessary safety
As seen in bright sunlight
requirements.  I contacted Pyramex and asked if they would be willing to send a pair of PMX-5050 safety glasses that I could use for an upcoming competition, which I would also review on my blog.  They were very willing to accommodate my request and shipped out a set immediately! 

PMX-5050 at the range
The glasses are very lightweight and comfortable, weighing only 21g.  What lead me to these glasses is the fact that they are photo-chromatic, which means they change their tint in bright light.  I was excited about this feature, yet I was also a little hesitant.  I have shot with sunglasses in the past, but found them to be heavy, too dark, and slid around my face when I got hot and sweaty while shooting with the sun beating on my face.  These glasses have a touch of fashion with a carbon-fiber pattern, and the design of the glasses allowed them to hang tight on my face without causing discomfort.  The nose piece is also designed for comfort and has built in non-slip features.  The lenses are polycarbonate, filter out 99.9% of harmful UV light and exceed ANSI high impact requirements!  The best part was that I didn't feel that they were too dark for shooting.  I could see my target clearly, yet they helped take the "edge" off the bright sunlight so I wasn't squinting hard, making it difficult to focus on my front site.

As I mentioned in my previous blog post, these glasses were used during my shooting competition which I placed 2nd place.  I then used them just a week later at the gun range again and I was very pleased with my shooting.

I am so thrilled with the glasses, which also include a carry bag for the that also double as a handy lens cleaner.  Pyramex was also very kind to not ship just one pair, but they actually sent two pair, one to review and another to give away!  So, of course I'll be starting a new giveaway in the next few check back really soon!  Thanks again to Pyramex for making an awesome product.  I have my eyes set on another pair of eye-wear that I will be reviewing for future post.

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