Sunday, August 26, 2012

Don't Underestimate the Wild

Today's news reported on a tragic event that ended in a tourist losing his life to a grizzly bear attack.  Apparently, the tourist from San Diego was snapping pictures of the bear for some time before the unthinkable happened...the bear attacked.

It is estimated that a grizzly bear can run about 30-35 miles per hour.  This means that a grizzly bear, running at 30 miles an hour can run 50 yards in about 3.5 seconds.  Based on the news report, the photographer closed in to about that distance, which was closer than the park allows, which is 1/4 mile. 

You can read more about the article here: Bear Attack - Fox News

Here's a few basic tips regarding bear attacks:
1.) NEVER run from a bear.  Your first instinct will be to run.  You won't outrun a bear.

2.) Play dead.  Yes you are going to get hurt.  Probably a lot.  However, if you want to survive, cover your head, play dead and pray.

3.) Once you are laying in the fetal position trying to protect your vital areas, be as quiet as you can and DON'T MOVE.

4.)  If the bear has left you alone and walked patient.  Bears will often look back to check. 

The best thing to remember is this...don't purposely put yourself in the position that a bear can attack you within seconds.  If you are in the wilderness and believe you could potentially spook a bear, or other wild animal that could kill or gravely hurt you, carry a gun in the appropriate caliber.  Many people don't realize that federal law now permits you to conceal carry a firearm into national parks, however you still must obey your specific state carry laws.


  1. Great tips! Wonder where you learned all that? LOL

  2. Thanks Tena! Probably the same place you learned it too ;) Don't ya just love Alaska?!