Monday, August 27, 2012

Excellence in CWP Holsters

There are a number of ways to carry that lead-slinging-machine you are packing.  There are some excellent methods of carry, and some horrific ways as well.  I am really concerned when I hear of those who are legally carrying firearms, doing it in an unsafe manner.  With many holster options available today there really is no excuse to not carry safely. 

A few of the common carry options are OWB (Outside Waistband), IWB (Inside Waistband), pocket holster, clipdraw (which employs no holster, but a clip attached directly to the gun), pocket carry without a holster (stupid and extremely dangerous), and Mexican carry (carried in the front of your pants, tucked in with no holster...again, I'm not a fan). 

I think it is safest to use a holster to carry my firearm.  Now, which holster to use is of course up to great debate.  There are plenty of options such as leather, molded plastics such as Kydex, or nylon, and then you can consider what level of gun retention you want to have, if any.  There are three levels of retention, I, II, III and the higher the level of retention the more difficult it is for someone to remove your firearms from your holster. 

Picking a holster is often like finding a good pair of shoes.  If you have a CWP, you will be keeping your firearm on you for long periods of your day, so comfort is paramount.  Weather and clothing-style can also effect the method you choose to carry.  Some people have multiple holsters to change into depending on the previously mentioned factors. 

Last year I decided it was time to upgrade my holster and invest in something that would be safer, more comfortable and durable.  After searching for a long time, I found a holster that met my requirements.  I wanted a holster that could be used IWB with a leather barrier against my skin, Kydex for ease of re-holstering and retention screws to help retain the firearm in the holster.  I also wanted to be able to tuck in my shirt and keep the fact that I was carrying less obvious.  This search led me to Comp-Tac.

I chose the Minotaur MTAC holster from Comp-Tac for my EDC (Every Day Carry) weapon, my Glock 30 .45ACP.  It met all my requirements.  The holster has an adjustable cant, for east of draw.  The depth the holster sits at inside your pants can be adjusted with the clips, which can also be replaced with different colors and for various belt thickness.  The Kydex half-shell can also be changed out for all your different guns.  There is leather backing that covers the back of the retention screws providing greater comfort.

Wearing the Minotour MTAC
holster with Glock 30 IWB
The leather comes in both black or chestnut colored leather.  The only alteration I made to the holster was to cut off the excess leather that hung lower than the Kydex at the tip of the barrel and it provided even more comfort! 

I have worn this holster nearly every day for the past year, and I have had NO problems with it.  In fact, I am ordering another holster from this same company today to use OWB for my Springfield XD 9mm.  I can't recommend this company or product enough.  Their speed in filling orders is top notch, and their product is simply excellent.  You can order from Comp-Tac here:, and the Comp-Tac Minotaur MTAC can be found directly here: Comp-Tac Minotaur MTAC.


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