Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Big Home Defense Tool

The Misplaced Alaskan
punching holes at the range.
In regards to home defense, I have heard it said,
My friend slinging lead.
"Use your pistol to get to your shotgun."  The shotgun is arguably considered the best home defense weapon.  The ease of use, lack of dead-on-accuracy required, and the intimidation factor when pumped are all benefits of having a shotgun for home defense. 

I had decided it was time to add another tool to the weapon toolbox.  After researching my options, I decided to pursue the purchase of a Mossberg 500 Persuader 12 gauge pump-action shotgun.  I bought it from Academy Sports for $289.00 on sale. 

Monday, September 24, 2012

Top Shot Competition Announcement

American Legion Post #48
P. O. Box 323
Chesnee, SC 29323

Amateur Handgun Competition

Date: September 29, 2012
Time: Registration starts at 9:00 AM; competition at 10:00 AM
Location: Post #48 Building, 820 South Alabama Street, Chesnee
Who: Amateur handgun shooters – female or male
What: Revolvers or semi-automatic pistols
Calibers: 22 short – 45 ACP
Entry Fee: $20
Top Prize: $100
Medals: 1st Place, 2nd Place, & 3rd Place


Competition rules are on the website – look for Small Bore Handgun Competition. Read the rules! If you would like, you can preregister by downloading the Competitor Registration Form, Eligibility Affidavit, and Liability Agreement forms, filling them in, and mailing them with your check or money order (no cash) to the post office box above. Last date for a registration to be received is Wednesday, September 26. If you have already signed a Liability Agreement, you need not fill out another one. Please note: the Liability Agreement is a 2 page document that should be printed on one sheet of paper. If you cannot do that, sign both pages. This form also requires another person as a witness and is invalid without the witness. Or, you can register on
the day of the competition, but you run the risk of having the competition cancelled from a lack of competitors.

Registration fees will be refunded in the event of cancellation for lack of interest or inclement weather.