Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Big Home Defense Tool

The Misplaced Alaskan
punching holes at the range.
In regards to home defense, I have heard it said,
My friend slinging lead.
"Use your pistol to get to your shotgun."  The shotgun is arguably considered the best home defense weapon.  The ease of use, lack of dead-on-accuracy required, and the intimidation factor when pumped are all benefits of having a shotgun for home defense. 

I had decided it was time to add another tool to the weapon toolbox.  After researching my options, I decided to pursue the purchase of a Mossberg 500 Persuader 12 gauge pump-action shotgun.  I bought it from Academy Sports for $289.00 on sale. 

The features are:
Target sprayed with #8 shot.
 The Mossberg® 500® Persuader® 12 Gauge Pump-Action Shotgun has a 5+1-round capacity for 2-3/4" shells. The synthetic black stock and forearm are durable and rugged, while the thumb-operated safety is ambidextrous. The shotgun also has a front bead sight, twin action bars and a blued finish.
Features and Benefits
Pump action with a 5+1-round capacity for 2-3/4" shells
18.5" barrel
Synthetic black stock and forearm with pistol grip
Thumb-operated safety is ambidextrous
Manufacturer Warranty (general): 10 years limited
Length Of Pull (lb.): 14.5 lb.

I wanted to the pistol grip option as I wanted to be able to have more maneuverability to move without having the restriction of a longer stock.  I also wanted a platform that offered many options to upgrade the shotgun if I wanted to, and the Mossberg 500 has seemingly endless options!
Now, firing this beast is fun in the least, and as you would expect...a bit painful when burning through shells when holding it with the pistol grip! After running 12 shells, my hand was about numb from shooting, and it wasn't very enjoyable after that.  I have taken this out shooting a few times, with no problems from the shotgun at all.  The pump action is smooth, the trigger pull is comfortable, and the kick...well as I said, it's pretty noticeable!  However, I didn't buy this as a plinker but as a deterrent, and I honestly feel I can trust the safety of my family to this shotgun as a home defense weapon. 

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