Sunday, September 1, 2013

Lighting the Way, the Inova T3R Rechargeable LED Flashlight

I have had the amazing opportunity to put this awesome flashlight through the ringer as my every day carry (EDC) light.  Inova sent it to me months ago and in that time I have had the light with me on hiking adventures, 2 am calls to see patients (while working as a hospice RN, needing to find house numbers on streets with no lighting), working on my vehicle and on my nightstand for when things go bump in the night.

This black beauty is unique from the other flashlights I have owned, due to its versatility, durability and ability to be charged at my bedside, car or from a computer USB cord.  Weighing in at 6.9oz. and 6.3" long, the flashlight holds one rechargeable lithium ion battery, that charges from zero to full in 4 hours.  The Inova T3R boasts a 234 lumen output on the high setting, which will run constantly for 2 hr. 45 minutes and a long lasting low light at 20 lumens, burning for 40 hours!  The variable settings of high, low and strobe are activated using the tactical three position end-cap switch.  The light is electronically controlled for uniform output.  

The casing is made from an aerospace-grade aluminum body, coated in a mil-spec Type III hard coat anodized finish, that has held up very well despite the multiple falls to cement, pavement and rocks!  The flashlight is shockproof, crush proof and water resistant.  The head is impact resistant, and the optical window has a double sided AR coating and Teflon seal to withstand environmental pressures.
I take this flashlight with me everywhere.  It is light enough to carry it in my front pocket, large enough to grip firmly in my hand and easy enough to use to activate any of the three functions.  I love the strobe light, which is truly blinding and disorienting!  

I don't think you can go wrong with the Inova flashlights, and I especially recommend this light to use for EDC!

You can order this flashlight, with the USB cord, wall and car adapter included Inova from this link!

Monday, August 5, 2013

Sig P938 Review...your next conceal carry gun?

My wife is now a card carrying concealed weapon permit holder, and being such, it was time to get a gun for her that she would be comfortable carrying.  She practiced, and qualified at the range with a Springfield XD Sub Compact, which she really enjoys shooting at the range.  The problem is, my wife is 5'2" and admits to having little upper body strength.  She wanted a pistol that would easy to manipulate the slide, and would be smaller in profile then even the XDSC.  9mm is comfortable for her to shoot, and she was resolved to not buying a revolver.  So, the search was on.

We spent a good bit of time going from store to store, trying different firearms.  She would pick up every gun she could, but she couldn't find "the one", until she picked up a black beauty, called the P938 Nightmare.  She could pull the slide back like it was a stick of butter sliding on a hot griddle.  She wanted it, and I wanted to research it.

The P938 is a 9mm version of Sig Sauer's popular P238, a .380 pistol.  It was only just released in May of 2012, and was met with much anticipation.  Here are some of the specs:

Action: SAO
Trigger pull: 5 lb (we will discuss this)
Length: 5.9"
Width: 1.1"
Barrel Length: 3.0"
Weight w/ empty mag: 16 oz
Sights: Night Sights
Frame material: Alloy
Frame Finish: Black Hard Coat Anodized
Slide Material: Stainless
Safety: Ambi-Safety

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Punching Holes in the Gun Control Argument

The best argument against gun control is simply the facts.  When logic and fact are used, the anti-gun crowd goes to their only weapon which is irrational fear and emotionally driven scenarios.

The entire country was horrified when the children at Sandy Hook Elementary School were murdered by an evil young man.  However, in typical liberal fashion, the anti-gun crowed pounced on the opportunity to exploit the tragedy parading the survivors and the parents like props.

Liberals have done everything they can to take advantage of this tragedy, taking a page from Rahm Emanuel, the current Mayor of Chicago, who was quoted as White House Chief of Staff saying, "You never let a serious crisis
go to waste. And what I mean by that it's an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before." 

So, we have all heard about the evils of guns, how they kill, destroy and have no purpose in a civilized world.  We have been called out by Jim Carry as,"heartless *%##*&*@s unwilling to bend for the safety of our kids."  A ban on "Assault Weapons" and magazine capacity reduction has been proclaimed as as the most important measures to assure that another Sandy Hook would be less likely to occur again.

Unfortunately for the liberal anti-gun crowd, there are those pesky facts that destroy their arguments.  A study just recently released shoots so many holes through gun-control arguments you would think someone riddled it with a semi-automatic with a standard capacity magazine.  Here are just a few examples of the facts found from the Bureau of Justice Statistics:

Fact #1: Firearm-related homicides declined 39% and nonfatal firearm crimes dropped 69% from 1993-2011.

Fact #2: Fewer than 2% of state prison inmates who used a gun in a crime bought their firearm at a flew market or gun show.  40% obtained their firearm from an ILLEGAL source.

Fact #3: The murder rate in schools DROPPED by almost a third between 1993-2011. 

Fact #4: Regarding mass homicides, from 1980-2008, murders that claimed at least three lives accounted for less than 1% of all homicide deaths.

The report proves a decrease in gun related crime over an 18 year period of time. Ultimately the statistics are just a few of the hundreds of other documented facts that support lawful gun owners and shred the efforts of gun-control advocates.

To win this battle against the 2nd Amendment, don't forget to arm yourself with the facts.  The facts will win out over the liberal irrational fear and emotional dribble. 

Monday, April 29, 2013

Guns Being Used By Citizens in America Each Year

There has been a constant litany of arguments against the 2nd Amendment, many camouflaged as "common sense" reforms.  Liberals are calling for expanded background checks to keep our populace "safe," and reducing magazine capacities because 11 bullets is a danger to society, but 10 is deemed "reasonable" for self defense.

It's a scary thought once you realize a large portion of our population has not been shown the importance of owning and operating a firearm, or taught that the 2nd Amendment was not written to protect hunting rights.  We are raising generations of mindless sheep, eating the soggy-mental-mush of MSNBC and lauding the McDonalds-style-news reporting of Jon Stewart; heavy on flavor but lacking in any beneficial substance.  These SHEEPLE actually think they are informed.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Luci - Solar Powered Lantern: Powerful Light Source with Amazing Potential

Luci, created by MPOWERED is a perfectly simple and powerful light source that should be in every household.  In the least it should be a top priority when making your disaster preparedness kit.  When you are without power, from a storm, earthquake or any other disaster, your battery operated flashlights and candles will only last so long.  Your gas powered generators will only last so long.  You NEED a solar rechargeable light, and I have found the one YOU NEED.

The answer is Luci, a perfect solar light, perfect because it isn't just a flashlight, it is a lantern.  Not only is it a lantern, providing up to 16 feet of light, it is lightweight weighing in at 4.5 oz and is COMPLETELY collapsible!  This means it takes next to no space in your disaster kit, or camping bag.  You don't need to carry anything additional for this lanter, so it will always only weight 4.5 oz.  No batteries.  No fuel.  When Luci arrives at your home and you open up your package, you will find it nicely packaged with simple and easy to use instructions that will have you operating your solar lantern within seconds.  There is a easy to use bite valve to blow up the inner section of the lantern, expanding to 4" tall.  The top of the lantern has two small, lightweight solar panels that recharge internal battery.  Both ends of the lantern has handles to attach so that it can hang and illuminate your room!

Lantern Specs: The lantern is made out of water resistant PVC, making it reliable in extreme weather conditions!  Collapsed the lantern is less than 1" thick, and has a 5" diameter.
*Charge time: 8 hours for a minimum of 6-12 hours of light!
*Charges under direct or under incandescent light.
*A single charge lasts for 3 months if not used!
*Contains 10 white LED's.
 *There are two brightness settings, and flashing mode for emergencies. 
\*Provides up to 80 lumens of light.
*Rechargable lithium polymer battery pack has over-charge/discharge protection.

Whether you are going to use this for disaster preparedness, power-outages or camping, you need Luci!  It is lightweight, portable and inexpensive, with a cost of only $14.95...and after you purchase it, there are no other expenses to keep it running!  When you order, make sure you let them know The Misplaced Alaskan sent you!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Eco Vessel Ultra Lite Tritan Filtration Water Bottle - Disaster Preparedness Item Review

Eco Vessel - Water BottlesWater.  Simply the most important substance on Earth that we need for our survival.  We can live for days and even weeks without food.  Without water?  You are lucky past 72 hours without.  So, as we face more and more tumultuous times I believe it is important, no, imperative that we prepare the for the worst...only hope for the best. 

I believe it is time to focus on disaster preparation.  Many people say it's fool-hearty and laud those "Doomsday Preppers" as fanatical lunatics.  I say it is prudent to begin your disaster preparedness. 

While preparing for any potential disaster a focus should be placed on a 72 hour supply cache with enough food or water to get you through 3 days.  My question is, what happens after 72 hours?  What if you have to leave home and don't have enough supplies?  What if there is a disaster and you are away from home and need to make it home, and what if home is 30 miles away on foot?  What happens when you run...out...of...water?

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Touch Activated LED Flashlight for Every Day Carry - INOVA Microlight STS by Nite Ize Review & Giveaway

If you ever run into me, it's guaranteed that I'll be carrying a few items with me and one of those items I always have is a flashlight.  It's amazing to me how often I actually use my flashlights.  Sure, you could whip out your cell phone and click your "Torch" app, but I like my flashlights to have a bit more durability than my cellphone, and have secondary uses as well.

I was so pleased when I was asked to review the Inova Microlight STS by Nite Ize.  I saw the picture of this tiny little LED flashlight and I thought it would be nice to have a little squeeze light I can attach to my Every Day Carry bag.  Once I recieved the Inova Microlight STS I was surprised by what exactly I had in my hand to review.  This isn't an ordinary squeeze LED light. 

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Leather and Kydex, the Perfect Blend: Comp-Tac Infidel Ultra Review

Time came to add a new conceal carry option.  That new option requires a good concealed carry holster, and to meet my demands, I turned to one of my previous holster manufacturers, Comp-Tac.  I previously reviewed the Minotaur MTAC from Comp-Tac, which was an excellent holster.  While browsing their options, I noticed they recently released the Infidel Ultra and I took the plunge.

The Infidel Ultra, like the Minotaur is a hybrid holster, bringing the best of leather and Kydex together.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Got Hydration? The Jetflow Tomahawk Backpack Review

Hello hydration-bladder,
it is time to meet your serious competition, the Jetflow Tomahawk Backpack.  I was really excited to receive this little innovative backpack from Jetflow.  The Tomahawk provides adequate hydration for short hiking adventures, mountain biking, running or even heading out to a theme park!

The Tomahawk is different from so many other packs available that offer hydration because it does not come with a bladder.  This pack is designed to use bottles as the hydration source.  It comes with different adapters so you can use different bottles, such as small water bottles, Gatorade, or Nalgene!

The pack is simple and yet very well thought out.  It is so simple.  Find your hydration source, screw on your adapter, close up the bag and you are ready to hydrate.  It holds up to two 1 L bottles, and boasts a storage area of 250 cu. in, and that doesn't include the zipper accessed holding compartment!

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Kids and Guns - Making a Safe Introduction

My daughter, age 7, shooting a Ruger 10/22
I was introduced to firearms at a young age.  I can remember my first BB gun that my Dad bought me.  It was a single pump air rifle.  I also remember numerous trips to the rifle range in Skagway, Alaska where we shot all of Dad's weapons.  Dad taught both my brother and myself the rules of gun safety, and those rules have always stuck with me.  I have always viewed guns with a "respectful fear." 

As we continue, I want to cover the rules of gun safety.  There are variations of the rules, but here are the basics I learned and taught to my daughter.

1.) A gun is ALWAYS loaded.  Always treat it as such.  Even if you are 100% sure it is unloaded, treat it as if it isn't. 

2.)  Never point a gun at something you don't want to destroy.  If you are pointing the gun at something you don't want to destroy...remember #1.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Three Day Assault Pack - Ryan Joseph Apparel

I had the privilege to receive an ACU Digital Camoflauge 3 Day Assault pack from Ryan Joseph Outdoors to review.  I ran across this company online while searching for a "Get Home Bag", or to also use as a hunting/camping pack.  Immediately when I saw this bag, I sent an email to the company and they quickly shipped a bag out for review.
Available in 5 colors
The Misplaced Alaskan
The bag is made out of 600D polyester material, and I love the ACU camo.  The bag is available in 5 different colors.  The pack is waterproof and has 1" MOLLE webbing for various attachments.  There are also attachments for chest and waist straps.  The shoulder straps are padded and extremely comfortable, and the bag includes foam back support as well as an internal hydration pocket that accommodates up to 3 L hydration bladder.  There are two locations for velcro patches to customize your bag. There is also a top carry handle.  The bag dimensions are 19"x14"x10", providing a hefty 2660 cubic inches of space, weighing in at 1.5 lbs.