Monday, January 21, 2013

Three Day Assault Pack - Ryan Joseph Apparel

I had the privilege to receive an ACU Digital Camoflauge 3 Day Assault pack from Ryan Joseph Outdoors to review.  I ran across this company online while searching for a "Get Home Bag", or to also use as a hunting/camping pack.  Immediately when I saw this bag, I sent an email to the company and they quickly shipped a bag out for review.
Available in 5 colors
The Misplaced Alaskan
The bag is made out of 600D polyester material, and I love the ACU camo.  The bag is available in 5 different colors.  The pack is waterproof and has 1" MOLLE webbing for various attachments.  There are also attachments for chest and waist straps.  The shoulder straps are padded and extremely comfortable, and the bag includes foam back support as well as an internal hydration pocket that accommodates up to 3 L hydration bladder.  There are two locations for velcro patches to customize your bag. There is also a top carry handle.  The bag dimensions are 19"x14"x10", providing a hefty 2660 cubic inches of space, weighing in at 1.5 lbs.
Assault Pack meets deer
8 point buck

I took the bag out for a deer hunting trek with my brother.  The bag was extremely comfortable during the trip and I was able to pack plenty of gear, while leaving room for when I started shedding layers as the day warmed up.  The zippers are very durable, and the fabric was waterproof as advertised with no water leaking in the bag.  There are three different zippered access points.  The first is on the front of the bag to hold your smaller items, the second zips across the top front, and the third zips across the top back and provides access to the hydration pouch.  There are attachments at the bottom of the bag to strap a tent/sleeping bag, which I thought was a great addition.  Overall I love the fabric, and it feels very durable.  The camouflage was perfect for the area I was hunting in, and was the perfect blend with the foliage around me while hunting.
The negatives:
There are no drain holes.  I find this very important, especially when hauling up to 3L fluid in a bag.  A leak could be very detrimental to your other gear if there are no drain holes.  There isn't any double stitching on the shoulder straps.  This is the area of the bag that will bear the greatest amount of abuse.  I haven't had any problems with the stitching, but I am curious as to how well it will hold up over time.  My last issue was the waist strap, which was a bit too snug for all the layers I had on during the hunting trip.  Some extra length would be very beneficial.

In conclusion, I am overall very happy with this bag.  I think with some small modifications to the design Ryan Joseph Outdoors has a great bag design that has potential to be a great competitor.  I plan on keeping this bag in my rotation as a "Get Home Bag" to use in my vehicle, and to use for future hunting and camping trips.

You can find these bags at and I hope you will look at their other awesome bag options as well!


  1. Great review! I just saw this bag at the International Sportsman's Expo.

  2. Jeremy really enjoys this bag. He changes his backpacks more than I change up my purse. :)