Monday, March 11, 2013

Got Hydration? The Jetflow Tomahawk Backpack Review

Hello hydration-bladder,
it is time to meet your serious competition, the Jetflow Tomahawk Backpack.  I was really excited to receive this little innovative backpack from Jetflow.  The Tomahawk provides adequate hydration for short hiking adventures, mountain biking, running or even heading out to a theme park!

The Tomahawk is different from so many other packs available that offer hydration because it does not come with a bladder.  This pack is designed to use bottles as the hydration source.  It comes with different adapters so you can use different bottles, such as small water bottles, Gatorade, or Nalgene!

The pack is simple and yet very well thought out.  It is so simple.  Find your hydration source, screw on your adapter, close up the bag and you are ready to hydrate.  It holds up to two 1 L bottles, and boasts a storage area of 250 cu. in, and that doesn't include the zipper accessed holding compartment!

Sternum strap
Air-intake valve
Zippered holding compartment
When I first got the pack, I was seriously doubtful that it would fit me.  I am not a small guy. I have a very broad chest, and I often have difficulty finding packs with a sternum strap that is long enough that I don't feel
Headphone access
like the pack is suffocating me.  I was able to adjust the pack to be very comfortable, while wearing a lightweight coat.  What suprised me further was that it not only fit me, a 6' man, it also fit my 7 year old daughter snug-as a bug.  Folks, it's just that darn adjustable.

For those that like to listen to music while mountain biking, running, etc, there is headphone access to the zippered holding compartment.  Empty the bag is very lightweight, scaling in at just 1 lb.  Constructed out of 400T materials, the bag is tough, and built solid.  Access to the bottle storage area is behind the padded ventilated EVA back panel.  There are two hoses that come out of the bottle connector, one is the Bullet Bite Valve, a max flow, patented bite valve.  The second hose is the air intake valve, which allows air to enter the bottle while you drink the fluid out.  Without it, there would be no suction, and this just wouldn't work!

My daughter and I took the pack out on a short day hike to test the bag out.  It was so lightweight and comfortable I often forgot I was even wearing it.  My little girl loved the bag too and it wasn't long before she wanted to wear it, so she go to trek around the woods with it on. 
Bottle tucked away inside the bag
Connecting to the manifold
Inserting the bottle into the bag

Cleaning was a cinch, and the fact that I didn't have a bladder to drain,
Connected to Nalgene bottle
with included adapter
clean, and dry made it that much more convenient.  The manifold is dishwasher safe and you clean the tubing with warm water.

In conclusion, the Jetflow Tomahawk Backpack is a sleek, straight to the point hydration system that is simple to use and yet bold enough to provide an endless source of drinks to quench your thirst!  I wouldn't consider putting Gatorade in my hydration bladder, which would only be blooming grounds for bacterial growth...but the Jetflow Tomahawk gives you the options you want to stay hydrated.  If you are interested in a complete list of compatible bottles, check it out here: Compatible Bottles.

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  1. I really like the idea of using this at a theme park or kids event, especially for Jenna. :)