Monday, April 29, 2013

Guns Being Used By Citizens in America Each Year

There has been a constant litany of arguments against the 2nd Amendment, many camouflaged as "common sense" reforms.  Liberals are calling for expanded background checks to keep our populace "safe," and reducing magazine capacities because 11 bullets is a danger to society, but 10 is deemed "reasonable" for self defense.

It's a scary thought once you realize a large portion of our population has not been shown the importance of owning and operating a firearm, or taught that the 2nd Amendment was not written to protect hunting rights.  We are raising generations of mindless sheep, eating the soggy-mental-mush of MSNBC and lauding the McDonalds-style-news reporting of Jon Stewart; heavy on flavor but lacking in any beneficial substance.  These SHEEPLE actually think they are informed.

Take a look at the image below (click on it to enlarge) to learn some interesting facts regarding citizens using firearms in America each year.  References (not irrational fears and lies like the anti's employ) used to create this graphic are included!

Once you understand that gun ownership actually DECREASES crime rates, you can engage the fear-mongering, emotionally labile anti-gun crowd who struggle with basic fundamentals of firearms.  The anti-gun crowd has serious knowledge deficit yet offers suggestions of what guns we can own and how to use them.  Here are a few videos of the left ignorance at it's finest.
Joe Biden suggest using a shotgun is 

easier for a woman that shooting an AR-15

  Diane Degette (D-CO) April 2, 2013 Gun Control Forum - Has NO UNDERSTANDING of what a MAGAZINE is. 
Carolyn McCarthy (D-NY) Doesn't know what a barrel shroud is.'s in HER LEGISLATION!! !
Honestly, what this country needs is people like this young woman, who has a better understanding
of firearms, their safe use and importance and right to own under the 2nd Amendment than the majority of politicians.

Stay armed.  Stay safe.  Stay informed!!

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