Sunday, April 14, 2013

Luci - Solar Powered Lantern: Powerful Light Source with Amazing Potential

Luci, created by MPOWERED is a perfectly simple and powerful light source that should be in every household.  In the least it should be a top priority when making your disaster preparedness kit.  When you are without power, from a storm, earthquake or any other disaster, your battery operated flashlights and candles will only last so long.  Your gas powered generators will only last so long.  You NEED a solar rechargeable light, and I have found the one YOU NEED.

The answer is Luci, a perfect solar light, perfect because it isn't just a flashlight, it is a lantern.  Not only is it a lantern, providing up to 16 feet of light, it is lightweight weighing in at 4.5 oz and is COMPLETELY collapsible!  This means it takes next to no space in your disaster kit, or camping bag.  You don't need to carry anything additional for this lanter, so it will always only weight 4.5 oz.  No batteries.  No fuel.  When Luci arrives at your home and you open up your package, you will find it nicely packaged with simple and easy to use instructions that will have you operating your solar lantern within seconds.  There is a easy to use bite valve to blow up the inner section of the lantern, expanding to 4" tall.  The top of the lantern has two small, lightweight solar panels that recharge internal battery.  Both ends of the lantern has handles to attach so that it can hang and illuminate your room!

Lantern Specs: The lantern is made out of water resistant PVC, making it reliable in extreme weather conditions!  Collapsed the lantern is less than 1" thick, and has a 5" diameter.
*Charge time: 8 hours for a minimum of 6-12 hours of light!
*Charges under direct or under incandescent light.
*A single charge lasts for 3 months if not used!
*Contains 10 white LED's.
 *There are two brightness settings, and flashing mode for emergencies. 
\*Provides up to 80 lumens of light.
*Rechargable lithium polymer battery pack has over-charge/discharge protection.

Whether you are going to use this for disaster preparedness, power-outages or camping, you need Luci!  It is lightweight, portable and inexpensive, with a cost of only $14.95...and after you purchase it, there are no other expenses to keep it running!  When you order, make sure you let them know The Misplaced Alaskan sent you!


  1. Great blog! Another inexpensive, but super idea for Father's Day and Christmas gifts! Love it. Last night, Jenna (our 7 year old) came out carrying this little lantern. When I asked why she was using that, she said it is REALLY dark outside and I need it! Jenna loves it. I guess it is a great gift for children too! ;0

  2. What a great find! I need to order this for my bug-out-bag.

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