Sunday, January 4, 2015

The First Hunt

Over the past few years my daughter has been begging me to take her hunting.  This started when she was about 7 years she is nine.  

An opportunity arose for me to take her deer hunting and when I suggested that she might come along she was all too excited.  The night before the hunt she had to try on all of her hunting clothes for good measure! 
The next morning I woke up my daughter at 0430 and she sat straight up announcing, "I am wide awake!"  Man, she was so excited.

Within an hour we were on our way our hunting spot.  It was cold enough, just over freezing, but we were well prepared with our clothing, hot drinks and hand warmers.  Our excitement added to our warmth as well.

After an hour in the tower blind we saw two doe stroll through.  Unfortunately she couldn't take a shot as my doe tags had not arrived as I had hoped before our hunt.  We watched them through our scopes, me with my .270 and Jenna with a borrowed .243.

About an hour later we watched another couple of doe stroll by.  All of these doe trekked by at about 100 yards.  

We waited for a few more hours as the sun continues to rise an wake up the squirrels on the other side of the field that provided us with a bit of entertainment.

Close to noon we headed back home to warm up and eat some food.  Jenna was pretty bummed that we hadn't seen a buck yet.  She was hoping for a 10 pointer...I wasn't holding my breath for that.

As we were home, the mail lady came by and dropped off what turned into a magical envelope. It was the doe tags I had hoped for.  We left after eating with a renewed sense of hope that Jenna would get her first deer that day.

After 2 hours back in the tower blind, watching Jenna looking over every inch inside the blind for spiders (we saw a few so it had her pretty paranoid) we caught sight of a lone doe, crossing the same deer trail the others had followed.  We both lit with excitement.  Jenna immediately found her with her rifle.  I lined up along side Jenna watching the doe slowly meander towards us.  After a few minutes the doe turned broadside and I told Jenna she could take the shot.

She was quiet as she focused and slowly squeezed the trigger.  Bang!  The shot cracked and the doe took of running to our left, quickly disappearing into the treelike.

Jenna, who is used to shooting at the rifle range with her ear protection, immediately turned to me smiling and shouted, I can't hear!  We both laughed and I assured her that her hearing would quickly return.  After waiting awhile we headed to where the deer stood when Jenna shot her.  There was no blood in the spot of impact.  Jenna was worried she had missed, but I explained that the doe looked like she had been hit and ran.  The doe didn't stand and look for the source of the noise as happens sometimes with a miss.

So we started looking for a blood trail.  Within 5 yards from where we started we picked up the trail and followed it into the tree line.
Jenna was so exited to see the blood trail and was all smiles!
Within 40 yards we found the doe.  I watched Jenna's face to see her emotional reaction.  I wasn't entirely sure how she would react.  She just beamed with pride.  I talked her through safely approaching the downed deer and how to see if the doe was dead. Next was the pose.

It was a great experience that I wouldn't trade for anything.  It was a memory That I will hold onto for the rest of my life!